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Jun 25,2018

The Disaster That Is Tana Con

If you watch online video, you’ve probably heard about VidCon, but this year in Anaheim, California there was a rival…

Tags: tanacon,, tana, mojo,, mongeau

May 23,2018

Ocean's 8 And How Social Media Is Changing The Film Industry

On June 8th, another installment of the Ocean’s film series will hit a theater near you. Though this time around…

Tags: (oceans, 8), rihanna, (anne, hathaway), (mindy, kaling), film, entertainment

Apr 30,2018

Kanye Is Back

In the past week or so Kanye West activated his Twitter and subsequently set the internet on fire. Talking everything…

Tags: kanye west, trump, john legend, kardashian, social media

Apr 20,2018

Most Influential Athletes Of The Nba Playoffs

With the NBA playoffs in full swing, here are some of the best players to start following on social media…

Tags: nba players, social media, nba playoffs

Mar 22,2018

Why We're Producing I Con: Influencer Convention

This September, D’Marie will produce the first of its kind event in New York City called iCON: Influencer Convention…

Tags: icon,, icon influencer convention, social media


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