If negotiating social
media for brands and
talent agencies is like
the wild west then
D'Marie is like your
treasure map.

Measure your social media based on accurate engagement metrics valued by brands (inclusive of Facebook, Twitter, Instagram).


Manage, create, publish and distribute credits across social media, website and personal blogs.


Monetize social media based on the success of a portfolio's ability to generate true social reach, impression and sales conversions.

How It Works

D'Marie offers an image-publishing tool that enables both parties to publish what we call a "Fashion Credit"(i.e. images embedded with url product links). These credits can be exported to Facebook, Twitter and Instagram as well as embedded on e-commerce websites and personal blogs. The credit generates in-depth data about reach, engagement and ultimately sales conversions per post per platform.

Upload images Tag models or influencers Embed garment URL links Export to social media Measure Success

13.1 Billion

D'Marie's measured portfolio of
social media followers

21.5 Million

Monthly reach of D'Marie's credits on
social media


Average value of a D'Marie influencer's social portfolio

The D'Marie Network

D'Marie is a curated network of brands, talent and talent agency subscribers, each provided with
individualized tools to measure, manage and monetize social media


Create,publish and schedule the distribution of credits.

Measure the growth of your Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Blog audience.

Identify the true value of your combined social portfolio and individual channels.

Connect with brands and share digital comp cards for casting consideration.

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Manage multiple talent portfolios from an agency profile.

Publish and distribute fashion credits on behalf of talents.

Identify the true value of each talent's social media portfolio.

Digital comp cards for each talent.

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Collects credits features your brands.

Create, publish and schedule distribution for PR.

Measure social media campaigns and identify ROI down to individual posts across Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

Measure growth of social networks.

Digital comp cards for casting consideration.

Identify top-tier talent's pay for social media campaign casting.

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