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Interview: Sally Eidman
Apr 05, 2014
Sally Eidman is one to watch. She is an incredibly thoughtful songwriter with a phenominal set of pipes. It just so happens that she also has a great sense of personal style which is why we plan on keeping an eye on her during her way up. Fashion ladies and gays meet my girl, Sally! 
What is the name of the album? How did you come up with the name?
A few weeks before we went into the recording studio, I began to write a song called "Pretty Things." The song articulates so much of what I've been feeling these past few years. It's about authenticity and perspective in a world that doesn't always honor personal growth and the time that takes.  I was particularly inspired by the image of a redwood tree- how breathtaking, sturdy, and powerful they are. A redwood is a huge force of nature that grows slowly and steadily into its beauty. You cannot rush it and you cannot replicate it. That song is now the opening track and sets the tone for the rest of the album: Pretty Things.
What kind of music can we expect from this EP?
I'm influenced by a lot of different styles, but the end product is a cross between folk and pop.
Tell me a bit about your personal style... how would you explain your street style?
I feel like most of my wardrobe is pretty classic, but I tend to combine any classic outfit with 1 funky piece and 1 sentimental piece. So I might wear a simple dress with black tights and boots, but I'll throw in some offbeat, patterned knee high socks and a necklace of a heartbeat (an awesome gift from my best friend). I think wearing something timeless with a pop of the unexpected is always fun, and I love using accessories to transform a look.
What was your favorite trend for this past winter?
My tried-and-true winter wardrobe staple is my pair of Bass Russel boots, in cognac. I get compliments on them all the time, and a couple of my friends have gone out and bought them for this year. They're so comfortable. On my wishlist would be...a chunky gray or white cable knit scarf and some other winter white staples. I'd love to get a white jacket, if I had any confidence I could keep it clean in New York! I love the look of white in winter, and I'm seeing it more and more in the city.
Who inspires your personal wardrobe style? song writing style?
I find that I'm always picking up on interesting fashion choices on the subway and trying to incorporate them into my own wardrobe. I don't know that I'm influenced by one specific person as much as I am by NYC in general. There are so many different looks to draw from and I've found myself taking more fashion risks since I moved here. The city gives you permission to be bold. My songwriting style is heavily influenced by several artists including Joni Mitchell, Laura Marling, Sara Bareilles, and Sarah Vaughan (to name a few). You'll listen to their music and think "how could she be influenced by such different artists," but I draw something special from each of them. I learn from Joni Mitchell's storytelling, Laura Marling's risk taking, Sara Bareilles' memorable hooks, and Sarah Vaughan's vocal stylings. I'm always trying to study different genres to pull what I love from each and make something brand new.
As you can see in the photo, Sally's upcoming EP release concert is Friday, April 11th at Subculture in New York. You can get tickets to the event here
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