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4 Perfect Instagram Couples That Will Make You Feel Even Worse About Your Dating Life
Dec 04, 2017

Article by: Kosta Karakashyan

With the inception of social media, it was only inevitable that the same couples that made you feel like you would die alone in real life would soon torture you with #couplegoals posts right on your feed. Each couple tends to focus on a niche, whether it be travel, shopping, food or skincare, but one thing’s for certain: it’s great seeing their relationships shine through the content they produce together.

Sebastian and Espe met in Miami and left jobs in architecture and journalism to start thefashion and lifestyle blog Two Trends. By catering to both couples and single men and women, they’ve amassed partnerships with Lexus, Furla, Macy’s, Express, Equinox, Sephora and MasterCard. Recently they came back from a beautiful trip to Lisbon, and we’re obsessed with their signature rich, cinematic snaps of architecture, style and nature. Their combined following of 415,810 across Facebook, Twitter and Instagram seem to agree. Of course, 87% of their audience comes from Instagram, with an exciting average of 6,545 engagements per post.  


Публикация, споделена от Seba & Espe (@twotrends) на

One couple that always seems to be having a great time is San Francisco-based Brock and Chris behind the ultra colorful Yummertime. The guys launched their blog in 2014, documenting daily outfits and the colorful streets of the city. Since then it’s become an inspiration to a total of 157,432 followers, encouraging them to “live their good life (and eat a little bit more pizza)”. Their vibrant aesthetic has landed them collaborations with Coach, Tommy Hilfilger, Jet Blue, Nordstrom, Pizza Hut and many more. They have an unusually high engagement rate, with an average of 8,092 per Instagram post with 123,910 followers and 114.57 on Facebook with 27,864 followers. 


Публикация, споделена от Brock + Chris (@yummertime) на

When it comes to the art of making every Instagram shot look like a postcard, look no further than blogger and globetrotter Debi Flügge. Together with boyfriend Kev, she travels from one jaw-dropping location to another on a daily basis, recently posting snaps from New York, Madrid, Mauritius, the Seychelles, London and Dubai. Each photo’s colors tell a different story, and the couple recently launched a pack of photo presets for those looking to add the same shine to their own feeds. 762,064 Instagram followers anticipate their daily posts, which bring an average engagement of 48,236. 


Публикация, споделена от DEBI FLÜGGE | Vegan Diet (@debiflue) на

The final couple on our list is Anna Lisa and Porter of Recess City. The two have been dating since middle school and recently left their home to travel the world indefinitely. Bringing only one piece of luggage filled with clothing from ethical brands, they are championing conscious travel one trip at a time. Besides their blog, they only publish content to Instagram, where 56,353 followers enjoy snippets of Barcelona, Morocco, Amsterdam, Greece and Vienna. It’s always great when an influencer tackles ethical shopping in a new niche, and we applaud the awareness they’re raising. 


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*Note: Data for this article was pulled December 4, 2017 at 12:00pm EST.

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