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May 09, 2014

While talking with Anoop Kansupada, you get the sense that this guy knows a thing or two about the business side of fashion. His knowledge of digital marketing and online branding makes you feel like you should run to LinkedIn and endorse him, which is not something we often find ourselves inspired to do. Anoop is best described as a modern businessman with his finger on the pulse of digital fashion commerce. In addition to being a member of the GQ Insider and Details Style network, Anoop is the founder of the website, Dapprly.


Dapprly, a fashion blog featuring street style, is the culmination of Anoop’s time spent traveling abroad. While in Asia, Anoop realized that his carefully curated and tailored wardrobe was heavily influencing his ability to access to the more elite establishments within the region. Basically, he was the classiest backpacker Asia has ever seen. “If you’re wearing a bow tie people have preconceived notions about who you are, which can be quite beneficial. Clothing is a contextual clue that people use to draw conclusions about who you are”, says Anoop.


Digitizing this concept, Anoop first built an app that allowed gentlemen to get dressed for specific occasions and environments with the help of their friends. In 2012 he made a pivot from the app and focused his resources of the company on their blog, which was gaining tremendous traffic.


Today, Dapprly strives to provide viewers an international influence by showcasing a worldwide view of street style. Dapprly features street style images from international locations such as Tokyo, Paris, London and New York.  Dapprly stands apart from the herd with its exquisite quality of photography, which comes from a network of photographers Anoop has compiled over the years. The blog reflects Anoop’s personal “Brooklyn bro with a preppy twist” style, and attention to detail with pairings of tailored suits and sportswear accessories. If your bow tie compliments your shoelaces and matches the color of button thread on your shirt, you’ll probably get the Dapprly stamp of approval.  Might even get your photo taken for the site.


The future success of Dapprly lies with integrated marketing strategies Anoop has centered on online influencers. “The game of influencing consumers has not changed, but the players have,” says Anoop. The site will continue to display authentic style and build trust with its growing audience of engaging viewers.


You can follow Dapprly online with Twitter and Facebook. Are you a blogger intested in joining the D'Marie network? Apply here

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