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General Questions

What is D'Marie?

D’Marie is a social media analytics and casting company. We connect brands with influencers and talent agencies that are using D’Marie to determine the value of their influencer’s social media portfolio. “Influencers” include models, musicians, actors, bloggers, make-up artists, hair stylists and other talent with a social media portfolio valued by brands. D’Marie’s platform also assists with the distribution of social content as well as the reporting of a post’s success in generating reach, engagement and individual sales conversions. Our system is centered on an image-publishing tool that enables both parties to publish what we call a “fashion credit” (i.e. images embedded with clothing and cosmetic product URL links).  These credits can be exported to Facebook, Twitter and Instagram as well as embedded on e-commerce websites and personal blogs. The credits generate in-depth granular data about reach, engagement and ultimately sales conversions per post, per platform.

Who uses D'Marie?

D'Marie is used by designers, brands, modeling agencies, talent agencies, fashion pr firms and casting directors.

Our network of influencers include: models, bloggers, actors, atheletes, musicians, public figures, chefs and artists. Basically, if you have a social media portfolio valued by brands then you should have a D'Marie account. 

Why should I use D'Marie?

Influencers: You need to understand the true value of their social media portoflio so brands can properly pay to engage with them in a social media campaign. D'Marie is one system that enables you to measure, manage and monetize your entire portfolio while abiding by all of the FTC regulations for distributing sponsored content. 

Brands: You're probably already dabbling in influencer marketing across social media, but the odds are you don't work with the proper tools to measure reach, engagement and individual sales. Also, with D'Marie you can rest assure that you'll be paying a proper fee for the talent in your campaign and not being overcharged for "social media usage".

Can I access D'Marie on my smart phone or tablet?

We currently have an app available in iTunes for iOS. Click here to download the app!

What is a "fashion credit"?

A fashion credit is what we call the individual sponsored content that an influencer can create and publish to social media using D'Marie. The process starts with uploading an image, tagging featured individuals and garments then publishing to D'Marie's database. From there, you can select which social platform you want the credit to appear on and modify any caption per platfrom. These fashion credits are how our system measures your ability to generate reach, engagements, click-thrus and sales conversions form your audience. All credit's are created and distributed with code and #'s which abide by the FTC regulations for distributing sponsored content.

I forgot my password. What should I do?

Happens to the best of us. Just click here and we'll send you some instructions. 

What is the D'Marie ranking? How is it calculated?

An influencer's value per post is determined by D'Marie's proprietary algorithm which measures a total of 56 metrics from the influencer's overall social media portfolio as well as the engagement, click-thru and sales impact of their individual posts. Per post, D'Marie is recording the reach, engagement on platform (likes, comments, shares, etc.) and link click-thru data. Each of these metrics is assigned a correlating value then weighted in an overall calculation which determines the influencer's total value per post.

I am having technical trouble with my account. Who do I contact?

Shoot us an email ( and we'll get back to you within 24hrs. 

How do I create an account?

D'Marie is a curated network. We only work with talent that are represented by a reputable agency. That being said, all brands talent agencies and individual talent can create an account on our desktop by clicking here. Or, download the app and complete our sign-up form and we'll review within 24hrs. If you are accepted to the D'Marie network, you will be notified via email. If you are a model with an agnecy in NY you can also have your agent send us an email to get the account express accepted.

Why are my Instagram statistics not showing up?

One of the most common reasons why D’Marie is unable to gather statistics for a user’s Instagram account is because the account is flagged as private. We believe that it goes without saying that if you are planning on monetizing your value as a social media personality that having an account that is not available to the public is contradictory to this effort. Therefore, we suggest you change your account to not be private.

To do this:

 1.       Start the Instagram app on your iOS device.

 2.       Go to your profile screen by clicking on the person icon in the bottom right corner.

 3.       Click on the “Options” gear icon in the top right corner.

 4.       Under “Account” there is a “Private Account” toggle switch.

 5.       Turn the “Private Account” toggle switch off (no color showing).

Once this change is made, it can take up to 48 hours before your Instagram statistics start showing up, however they usually start showing up within a couple hours.


What is a public Facebook page and why should I use one?

A public Facebook page is different than your personal Facebook wall. Generally, in order to access your wall a person must make a friend request and the friend request must be accepted. For public Facebook pages, a person simply needs to like the page and they will receive updates from the page in their personal news feed. It is a simpler process than having to accept follower requests.

If you are trying to monetize your value on Facebook, you should have a public facebook page and post to it regularly.

In addition, D'Marie access to a personal Facebook wall is restricted and the ability for us to gather your analytics and determine the value of your Facebook posts will be limited.

To get started creating a public Facebook page, go to

Talent Agency Questions

Why does my agency need D'Marie?

Brands are more and more willing to spend money on social media campaigns because they work. The ROI is simple math that they can now track with D'Marie. Engaging the social audiences of the models and influencers that appear in their campaigns will increase sales conversions tremendously. Having access to the social data D'Marie provides your agents will enable them to better negotiate contracts for "social media usage" and increase your revenue. 

How many models can I have attached to my account?

As an agency, you can have an unlimited number of models attached to your D'Marie account. This is controlable in the settings page of your agency account. We ask that you maintain a minimum of 50 models from your agency in the database at all times so we can properly track established models as well as the new faces with rising social statistics.

What is my D'Marie ranking?

We rank over 122 agencies in North America and Europe. We look at over 56 metrics from Facebook, Twitter and Instagram to determine the ranking of each agency using your own social accounts. To get your current ranking please email:

How do I grow my social media audience?

Technically D'Marie is not a social media management tool. We like to focus on the measuring and monetizing of social media. However, we do have several consultants who have a ton of tips and tricks up their sleeves. Our team of consultants are also extremely knowledgeable of the D'Marie system and can help implement custom strategies to grow your audiences across Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

How much does D'Marie cost?

As an agency you pay a monthly subscription fee based on the number of models/influencers who's data you want to have access to on our platform. We typically package consulting with the software subscription so it's best if you shoot us an email so we can create a custom proposal:

Brand Questions

How can I cast my next social media campaign with D'Marie?

We'd love to help with casting your next social media campaign! Although we are not an agency representing the talent, we work with the best agents who do, so it's easy for us to put you in touch. We'll want to know your budget and expectations for the campaign, but with that information we can compile a list of influencers who we think would be most appropriate then make introductions from there. Get the ball rolling by shooting us an email: 

How much does D'Marie cost?

As a brand you pay a monthly subscription for access to the data. The fee is proportionate to the amount of garments you want to place in our garment database as well as the level of data you want to collect from campaigns. The best thing to do is shoot us an email and we can go from there:

D'Marie is not an affiliate advertising paltform. We do not collect or distribute back-end commissions to talent. 


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