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Who arrived at the Oscars Party with the most followers?
Mar 04, 2016

Congrats Leo. You may have finally won an Oscar at the party last Sunday, and garnered a website dedicated just for you (please see: if you haven't already) -- but did you win at managing your own social media account? 

We took a cue from The Blonde Salad's Best Dressed and generated a best practice list of our own: D'Marie's Best Social Media.


Among women, the top social media stars (based on followers) included a majority of pop musicians, actors, and models. 



Specifically, Taylor Swift took over 35% of the market share among the 20 top social media influencers.


Taylor Swift D'Marie


31% of her audience came from Instagram, with an average total of 1,874,439 engagements per post. Her Facebook had 515,502 engagements per post, with an average of 15,425 tweets.

Her post for a psuedo-TV drama advertisement with Lorde and brother Austin Kinglsey garnered 1,714,035 engagement from fans. 



Next, let's observe the social media of a rising star like Caitlyn Jenner. Sunday alone, Caitlyn gained a collective 16,833 of new followers, spread across 8% Instagram, 29% Twitter, and 63% Instagram. 



Caitlyn sported a glam selfie with Ella Giselle before heading out to the Oscars, which resulted in 120,157 engagements. Posting at strategic times, i.e. during the online buzz leading up to show time, can increase the reach and engagement of your post. 



* Data collected Thursday, March 4 at 12am EST.

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