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5 Most Inspiring Fitness Influencers to Watch Right Now
Nov 06, 2017

Article by: Kosta Karakashyan

With the rise of social media, fitness has become so much more than a hobby. It is now a fully-fledged lifestyle, and we are all for it. Regular exercise is, after all, one of the best things you can do for body and mind. That’s why today we’re looking at 5 of our favorite fitness influencers, each inspiring and uplifting in their own way.

Originally from Quebec, Marc Fitt is a fitness model who’s all about transforming people’s lives through healthy habits. With a combined following of 6,448,194 across Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, Marc has tapped into videos, podcasts, articles, one-on-one training and all types of other resources on the Team Fitt website. He has since launched not one, but two apparel businesses, the stylish Maison Nord and the athletic-focused Rise

Nathan McCallum is a blogger, personal trainer and Australia Ninja Warror contender, admired for his killer physique, gymnastics-based workouts and great personal style. On his following, Nathan has said "I would hate to be seen as some unachievable personality. I’m just another guy, who has been lucky to find support in what I do. Hopefully I can give that support back to others." This ties in perfectly with his latest venture, Milestone Strength and Conditioning, offering custom training and nutrition with amazing results.


Публикация, споделена от Nathan McCallum (@isnathan) на

Our next fitness influencer Melissa Alcantara might just have a smaller following at the moment, but it’s all about to change. Melissa just made her debut on Keeping up with The Kardashians as Kim’s brand new personal trainer, joking that her the intensity of her weight training program might just kill Kim. After winning her first bodybuilding competition this year, Melissa received a message that Kim wanted to specially recruit her after seeing her inspiring workout posts. Follow her Instagram for healthy recipes, transformation posts and fabulous hair.


Публикация, споделена от Melissa Alcantara (@fitgurlmel) на

Emily Skye has an astounding total following of 13,227,452 across Facebook, Instagram and Twitter, but the fitness model behind the signature FIT programs has something totally different and exciting on the horizon. The young entrepreneur not only made it on the Australian Financial Review’s Young Rich List but is a beautiful mum-to-be, expecting a lovely baby girl. Navigating the transformation of her body is an inspiration to all moms out there. And we can’t help but agree with Emily when she says that "If you combine self belief, good ethics & hard work with your passion it’s incredible what you can do."

Erasmo Viana is an inspiring influencer and co-founder of Mahamudra Brasil, “a movement in search of a new style of living and of thinking,” working the body, mind and spirit through outdoors workouts. To our knowledge, his social media does not include Facebook or Twitter, but we're still obsessed with the his Instagram feed's workout, nutrition and nature content. While he's epping Adidas Brazil and travelling to exotic locations with influencer girlfriend Gabriela Pugliesi, we look forward to Erasmo growing his social media presence. And with that inspiration, we're off to the gym.


Atividade em qualquer lugar !! 👊🏻 @adidasbrasil #HereToCreate #NeverDone #MahamudraBrasil @projetonavinoronha

Публикация, споделена от Erasmo - Mahamudra 🇧🇷 (@erasmo.mbt) на


*Note: Data for this article was pulled November 6, 2017 at 12:00pm EST.

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