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Report: Social Media & Politics in America
Feb 13, 2017

In partnership with The Hayes Initiative, D'Marie has powered a new report on social media and politics in America.

After the 2016 election, THI founder, Anthony Hayes, contacted us to better understand how major advertisers and companies effectively use social media in connecting to their audience. Americans keep hearing about social medias impact, but too often it doesn’t include usable data to understand exactly how posts are performing. This report and future reports are meant to provide data for a specific time frame using D'Marie's unique algorithm which measures 56 metrics across Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. Each metric - including factors such as followers, reach, engagement, click-thru and action conversions - is assigned a value and weighted in an overall algorithm to determine the "ad-equivalent" value of an influencer, brand or organization's social media portfolio. Today’s report focuses on the top 12 political influencers in the United States from February 8, 2017 and reflects the past 30 days. Subsequent reports will review metrics of elected officials, advocacy organizations and key issues on President Trump’s agenda. All future reports will include a breakdown of the top 12 political influencers that month. Designed by Goncalo Pimentel.

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