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Apr 11, 2014

Team D'Marie is frequently asked about up and comers in the FashionTech space. And while we are flattered you all think of us as a wise, all-knowing team... we're not. However, our advisor Sandy Hussain, co-founder of Fashion Digital, recently hosted FDUK in London and some great new companies appeared on our radar. We've always thought the London and UK street-style was some of the best and now we know it's because of sites like

Up and down the UK independent boutiques are showcasing cutting edge trends and emerging designers. While their exclusivity is undoubtedly attractive, many remain undiscovered by a larger audience.

This is where The Counter comes in. The Counter is the online platform for the finest stores in the UK showcasing a curated selection of their products. How they work is simple; browse by store, style or item, there is just one checkout no matter how many boutiques you buy from. Once you’ve made your choice their lovely boutiques will wrap your purchase with care and pop it in the post to you.

The Counter is a fashion community who believe in supporting independent commerce, interaction and sartorial excellence. They are a network of fashion insiders working everyday on the frontline with a combined knowledge and understanding implemented to keep you guys up to date and connected. Their motto is that shopping should be fun, personalised and comfortable so be sure to check out the store profiles and The Counter Culture to get the most out of them.

Also, follow them on twitter and sign up for their newsletter to keep up with this incredible company!

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