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Jul 03, 2014


This week I had the opportunity to sit down with Jesse Finkelstein, Creative Director of Print All Over Me, a newly launched fashion tech company, just a stone’s throw from the D’Marie office.


Print All Over Me (POAM) is a design platform and marketplace, started with the intension to give anyone tools to create their own fashions. Both designers and consumers can use POAM to collaborate with one another and fully immerse in the design process.


I asked Jesse how POAM differs from seemingly similar sites like, for instance Society 6, and he says the difference is clear; the types of products are different. POAM enables unconstrained, all over prints on clothing. The fabric is digitally printed and then cut and sewn, leaving the product received at the utmost quality.


When asked about the POAM business model, Jesse says strictly, “Part custom design, part marketplace, part social network. Think shoppable Tumblr. There are eight objects every season that anyone can upload their design to. Then, you can either sell the design on the website or print it just for yourself. Anytime someone purchases a design, 20 percent goes to the designer.” There’s also a huge focus on giving people from other disciplines the opportunity to design within POAM, as well as seeking students from Central Saint Martins, Parsons and other design schools.


“What’s the weirdest thing someone has printed?” I prodded. “Well,” Jesse said, “My perception of what’s weird has definitely been altered throughout the course of working with this company -- a naked female body. Full on naked.” A true testament to the phrase “you give people an inch…”


Exciting collaborations with companies like Friends With You art collective, Snarkitecture, Perfect Nothing, and Wax Magazine are all in the works over at POAM. I asked Jesse what was next and his answer was thus:  “I see us just being this gigantic destination for everything design, where people are talking to each other, creating, making stuff and we’re just facilitating the whole process. We’re going to be the next stop for Fashion Week.” Sounds idyllic. I, myself, am very intrigued to see where these guys go. No doubt I’ll be keeping you posted.


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- Emily Shepodd (@eshep14)

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