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D'MARIE // Vogue According to Social Media
Feb 24, 2015

The Vogue brand is the crown jewel of the Conde Naste publishing company, having several international print editions including the United States, Great Britain, Russia and Germany. Vogue is steaming full charge ahead as the publication races to conquer digital publishing and social media engagement. In an incredibly savvy strategic effort to increase Vogue's online content, the publication hired industry veteran, Suzy Menkes, as the Vogue International Editor in 2014. 

Collectively, Vogue's Top 10 publications, according to social media, have a total audience of 40.1 million across Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. American Vogue leads the pack with 15.6 million followers and the highest engagement metrics. Over 24% of the American Vogue audience is actively engaging with their content. All of the below Vogue publications also land within the top 30 overall D'Marie ranked magazine publications. Below is a list of the Top 10 Vogue publications according to social media. 


Total Followers: 15,603,649 Facebook: 6,548,464 Twitter: 5,435,014 Instagram: 3,620,793

Vogue Paris

Total Followers: 6,432,950 Facebook: 4,290,813 Twitter: 1,622,882 Instagram: 519,749

British Vogue

Total Followers:  5,474,543 Facebook: 2,524,155 Twitter: 2,335,347 Instagram: 615,751

Vogue Espana

Total Followers: 2,868,873 Facebook: 1,624,392 Twitter: 940,694 Instagram: 303,916

Vogue Italia

Total Followers: 2,663,697 Facebook: 1,737,412 Twitter: 646,473 Instagram: 279,812

Vogue Mexico

Total Followers: 2,024,083 Facebook: 1,506,512 Twitter: 376,776 Instagram: 140,881

Vogue Australia

Total Followers: 1,665,868 Facebook: 1,248,755 Twitter: 122,211 Instagram: 294,902

Vogue India

Total Followers: 1,137,931 Facebook: 806,220 Twitter: 173,169 Instagram: 158,537

Vogue Brasil

Total Followers: 1,444,167 Facebook: 588,050 Twitter: 149,012 Instagram: 707,105


Vogue Turkey

Total Followers: 806,892 Facebook: 251,737 Twitter: 428,114 Instagram: 127,041




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