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D'Marie // enhanced social media analytics announcement
Mar 17, 2015

Have you ever wondered how much money you're actually earning from your own social media channels? Sure, you see a bump in website traffic when you post that picture of Rihanna wearing your brand's handbag to Facebook and Twitter, but do you actually know the true value of that exposure? Can you tell your boss the number of people who saw the picture on social media, clicked through to your website, viewed that item (along with others), and then and ended up completing a purchase? Well, in our experience, many of you will answer "no" to these questions, so we thought we should do something about that.

D'Marie's latest technology developments now enable both retailers and talent agencies to measure the reach, engagement, and sales metric data from specific fashion credits posted to Facebook and Twitter. Like before, a fashion credit can be exported directly from D'Marie and shared on Facebook and Twitter, style blogs, and e-commerce websites. However, our system's latest enhancement allows us clearly indicating a direct relationship between every Facebook and Twitter post and their resulting sales metrics. Additionally, retail users can establish custom milestones like "home page" and "add item to cart" to track the movement of consumers once they land on their website and enter the purchasing path.

This enhanced system will now report all paid and organic lift from fashion credits published and shared via D'Marie. This will enable brands to better understand the value of their social media audiences and implement stronger strategies for the casting of models and influencers in their social campaigns, as well as allocation of their campaign's social media buy. Below is an example of the dashboard now available to brands via D'Marie. 

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