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May 21, 2014

We're thrilled to introduce Morrell Turner of Morrell's Armoire and her southern style to the D'Marie publishing network! This Alabama girl has old hollywood style and large fashion ambitions. Her blog is already gaining great traction which is catching the eye of national brands. You can follow Morrell on Twitter, Facebook and of course here on D'Marie! Read our full itnerview with Morrell below.

DM: Start from the beginning: Why and when did you start blogging?

MT: I started my blog because I have ALWAYS had a passion for fashion. I take pleasure everyday in just getting dressed. Even at the age of two years old, my mom swears I fought with her when she tried to pick out my clothes.

My friends would always ask me why I wasn’t majoring in fashion. When I graduated last May from the University of Alabama, I had a lot of time on my hands looking for jobs. My ultimate plan was to start my own store.

I fell in love with the idea of starting a fashion blog. After I spent hours upon hours of researching other blogs, I finally decided to just do it. I called it Morrell’s Armoire because my closet is my sanctuary. Morrell’s Armoire is now my artistic outlet fueled by my passion. I started Morrell’s Armoire last August. It’s not even a year old yet, and I think it grows a little day-by-day.

DM: Tell us about a successful experience working with a blogger network, brand or advertiser on your website. Why do you think it was successful?

MT: I have just recently started working with many brands such as Cottonelle and Kensie (among others), which might just be my favorite part of blogging.  I recently did a product review of Freret and Napoleon’s hand made oyster shell hand bands. This was very rewarding to me because Freret and Napoloen are Louisiana based, and coming from Alabama, I felt like I was supporting local businesses. Since each oyster is hand picked from the Mississippi Gulf Coast, and some from surrounding areas like Gulf Shores, I feel that when I wear this headband, no matter where I am, I have a piece of home with me. To me, it was sentimental fashion!  

DM: Describe your personal style. Who are your personal style influencers?

MT: I love simple but classic looks! Most of my inspiration comes Audrey Hepburn and Grace Kelly in the old Hollywood movies. I am all about elegance and sophistication. 

DM: What is your goal with the blog? (i.e. From a business POV and what you hope readers will take away from your posts)

MT: I am hoping that Morrell’s Armoire will take me places in the fashion industry or at least get my foot in the door. I would love to start working with well-recognized brands. I want my readers to feel a little Hollywood glamour in every post. I want them to know, no matter where you come from, you can always be stylish. You can have anything if you dress for it!

DM: Where are your favorite stores to shop? Online and brick-and-mortar.

MT: Wait! I can’t choose! I have so many favorites! The first places that come to my mind when you said “shop” are Nasty Gal, Juicy Couture, Modcloth, J.Crew, Forever 21, Express, Baublebar, BCBG, SAKS...and that’s coming from a true shopaholic.

DM: Is fashion easily available to you in Alabama? Describe the typical style of Alabama girls. How does it differ from a city like New York or Los Angeles?

MT: Having good style and finding good fashion in small town Alabama is tough at times. The fashion obsession is not as common here as it is in New York and Los Angeles. I feel like I am always overdressed. To be so obsessed with fashion, I sometimes feel like an outcast. I have to mostly shop online.

One thing that I do love about Alabama is that we have many individually owned boutiques. I love these boutiques because I can always find something different and unique that you can’t find in the regular department stores.

Having style isn’t just about the clothes to me, right? Style is also the way you carry yourself. I think Alabama girls and southern girls in general have incomparable style. You can count on us to show up to an event dressed like a true southern bell. We have manners, love wearing dresses, pearls, heels, nice jackets, and we always wear a smile to compliment it all.

Are you a blogger interested in joing the D'Marie network? Apply here!

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