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May 15, 2014

Lauren Nolan may currently be a Midwest girl, but her previous life in New York still influences her personal style. Lauren’s blog, Lake Shore Lady, is flooded with beautiful street-style images and curated recipes that will make your mouth water. Lauren combines fashion and food with a flare of drama. It’s a delight to visit this site and get lost in all of the content Lauren offers. Lauren was kind enough to chat with us about her personal story of becoming an online influencer. Read the interview below.

DM: Why did you start blogging?

LN: After having lived in New York for a while and auditioning, I knew I needed something to sustain my creative side in the Midwest. I was away from my close friends and blogging was a way for me to easily stay in touch and share my life with them.

DM: You lived in NY? Is that when you discovered your fashion sense?

LN: I had a “support” job at a boutique, Mint, on the Upper West side on Columbus. That’s when I discovered fashion. I really loved the owner, who was also the buyer, and she opened my eyes to personal style. I wasn’t previously aware of boutiques and emerging designers. I learned that there are more than just the big brand names and department stores. That was so cool to me. I fell in love.

DM: What exactly got you into fashion?

LN: Similarly to acting, you can play around with what you look like and how you feel within a wardrobe.  When I combined that with my Italian heritage and my existing passion for cooking -- voila! The site was born.

DM: Tell me about Lake Shore Lady.

LN: I really kicked it into gear this past year. It’s become a priority for me. I now have an editorial calendar and I’m working with brands like Amanda Uprichard, who was one of the designers we carried at the boutique. For my blog, I try to feature things I want to buy for myself anyway.

DM: Describe your personal style.

LN: I am very feminine. That’s the first word that comes to mind. I am very drawn to feminine details and colors. I love a good waist. I love anything that is fun. I am very into prints and combining colors with various textures.

DM: Who are your personal style influencers? 

LN: I love Miroslava Duma.

DM: Wow, really? That’s the first time someone has said Miro right off the bat. Look at you; you have done your research.

LN: She’s amazing. I just think her classic styles are so…. classic. And her edgy styles are still somehow relatively classic edgy. There is always something that works about her looks; she always picks the best pieces.

DM: Tell me about the future of your blog. What do you hope to achieve with your site?

LN: I’ve been thinking about this a lot recently. I want it to be approachable both on food and fashion. I think that some people think they are not actively stylish because they don’t care about it. In reality, everyone cares to some degree. Even it it’s a $5 shirt out of a barrel, that’s still a choice. You don’t need to be a fashion person to have a sense of style.  The more and more I get into blogging, the more I love it. I’ve been setting my goals higher. I want to grow to a point where I can focus on this as a main source of income. I look at other bloggers that are more successful and they get to do the coolest, most creative things. I was to expand my fashion knowledge by working with new brands.

You can keep up with Lauren and Lake Shore Lady on Twitter and Facebook

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