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Apr 18, 2014


Don't know about you all, but I recently found myself getting quite bored with the existing landscape of apps on my iPhone. Pinterest is overwhelming, Facebook has become all sponsored content, flipping down on Twitter hurts my thumbs and I can never directly buy all of the clothing I like from brands on Instagram. HOLD THE PHONE...(literally) because I discovered Shopsy and it's my entire team's new app obsession. I downloaded Shopsy a few weeks back when my buddy Billy Mauro, Co-Founder of Shopsy, and I met while here was here on a business trip. 

What is Shopsy?

Shopsy is the place to shop for products discovered on Instagram.

The Problem Shopsy Addresses...

Brands are having trouble converting their instagram community into sales. Fashion bloggers cannon monetize or track the engagement from posting products they are wearing on Insagram. When someone on Instagram wants to purchase a product posted by a brand, they are forced to the web-based store only to encounter a tedious search for that product.


The Solution....


Shopsy lets anyone create content by uploading photographes from their Insagram feed and adding a URL to where the product can be purchased. Shopsy pulls all of the Insagram social data (likes, comments, and followers) to increase engagement. 


Shopsy has simplified the checkout process by creating an in-app purchase flow that pulls the product information from the retailer or brand website. Shopsy is currently working with the top 100 brands with the best affilliate programs. 


Bloggers are able to insert their affiliate links in order to take advantage of their instagram demographic. Those who are posting products will be able to promote their shops to Insagram so followers are aware of the Shopsy experience. 


I KNOW, right?! You're welcome. Download the app here. And follow D'Marie's account! Also, follow @Shopsy on Insagram and Twitter.

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